Boulder Pupdate


hello, world!

Hey blog! There’s a new member in the 99 family. Meet Findlay. He’s an 8 month old westie, and he’s very thrilled to meet you all.

Findlay came home on April 2nd. He has only been here three days and he’s already doing really well! He politely, and quietly spends the night in his crate, and even likes taking snoozes in there during the day. He’s doing very well with his ‘sit.’ He has conquered the two flights of stairs it takes to get to my apartment, and he’s getting the hang of walking around with a thing attached to his neck!


Here are some things Findlay enjoys doing:




He enjoys checking out the other dogs hiding in mirrors.




He enjoys napping.




He enjoys his chewy toy.




He enjoys crawling up on laps to get in some kisses.


And he enjoys meeting new friends! Come say hi soon!


good boy!