Land’s End Trail

San Francisco may only be 7x7mi, but it’s adventures are endless. The people at flickr are really great at inspiring said adventures. They love to take pictures so they’re always out photographing some awesome thing, that I see and be like “where is that? I want to go there!”. Which is exactly what happened when recently Chris and I decided we were going to find this labyrinth that we had seen his friend Bert’s pictures of. Once we discovered where it was located, we plotted a map:

10.3 miles in 4 hr & 45 min. Courtesy of Google Maps.

We started by walking through Golden Gate Park:

Stow Lake

Spreckles Lake

Bison Paddock

Then north up Ocean Beach:

Ocean Beach

Seal Rocks

Sutro Baths

Into a cave...

Where we discovered the Land’s End Trail:

Golden Gate Bridge

Eagle's Point

The Labyrinth

Success! While walking home we came across:

Lincoln Park Golf Course

The Thinker at Legion of Honor

But no matter where we go, we can always find our home:

Sutro Tower!

To see more pictures from our adventure, click here!