Industry Day 2011

Around this time last year I attended Industry Day 2010, didn’t stay for very long, didn’t see many people, and only took 2 pictures. This year, determined to make sure that that didn’t happen again, I was in Rochester for 4 days and made a list of everyone and everything I wanted to see. It was a great success!

My first night in Rochester Randy picked me up from the airport and Caitlin met us at dogTown.

For Industry Day I wore my hair all curly... probably the most time I've spent on my hair since high-school prom. I thought it looked pretty good.

I stayed in the King's Suite of the RIT Inn - fancy shmacy. ;)

We were better prepared for Industry Day this year. Tim talked on a social media panel and Jeremy Brault and I talked on the “If I knew then what I know now…” panel.

You know you've made it when you're talking on a panel at RIT. I was pretty nervous, but I think it went well.

After the panels we started the interview process. There are some really amazing and talented people coming out of RIT. Go get’m Tigers! :D

Odopod Table

Tim and I happy as japanese school girls to be finished with interviews and about to eat an amazing BBQ feast.

Afterwards we went to McGreggors... where I found some old friends!

So that was Thursday. Friday Caitlin picked me up from the hotel and we dropped my bags off at her apartment.

Caitlin in her room. She's so pretty.

From there we headed over to Workinman, where I saw Jared, Bryan, and…

Teo! I hadn't seen Teo in 2 years!!! Good thing I saw him now because he's moving to Seattle in 6 weeks.

I thought Sam would appreciate this. His high-school drum set is now set up in the Workinman office.

For lunch we ate at Wegmans! God, I miss that place.

Then Chris T picked me up and drove us over to campus. Where he showed me all the improvements that happened in the past two years. Including…

Global Village is insane. It's center is like a resort... apparently during the winter they turned it into a skating rink. I am so jealous.

They have tons of shops on the first level and really nice apartment living above them. One of the shops is a Imported Food shop… which, if it had existed when I went to school there, would have been the only place I ever needed to shop. There was ton of stuff imported fro San Francisco in there as well! My mind was blown. It made Caitlin want to cry.

Vignelli Center for Design Studies - attached to Building 7.

This also blew my mind. Entering from the ramp, where there used to be a huge wall and computer labs is now a giant hallway. The hallway leads to the Vignelli Center! Unfortunately it’s only open 2 hours a day and I missed my window by half an hour – bummer.

There were a bunch of improvements done to the SAU as well. The candy counter has upgraded to a full-fledged candy store and there’s this crazy fountain in the center with a entire glass wall facing the quarter mile.

Since it was cold out, I spent some time chillin in Java Wally’s with Jeremy, we enjoyed some turkish coffee while I waited for Caitlin to be done with work.


That night Teo got us reservations at The Owl House. It was a pretty fancy place, full of art swank, and the food and prices were comparable to SF – so delicious and expensive. It was really nice to spend some time with Teo and Shandra.

They had some pretty delicious carrot cake.

That night I got to see their apartment and we watched Human Planet, which if you haven’t seen it is awesome and I highly recommend you watch it sometime soon. The next day we went to The Public Market and had…

Empanadas!!! OMG! I like that they have not 1, but 5 logos outside - just in case.

Dream come true. We went over to Java Wally’s to eat and enjoy some wonderful coffee beverages.

Java Wally's at Public Market

Caitlin got me addicted to this Costa Rica coffee with a shot of Raspberry flavoring. It tastes just like raspberry dark chocolate buttercreams.

After that Caitlin took me to her studio where she does mammoth paintings that are, of course, amazing.

Randy brought over Winston and Wesley. They are super adorable dogs - part german shepard part beagle.

Last but not least, I got to meet Lumpy!

After meeting Lumpy Caitlin drove me over to the airport. My flight was delayed for 20 minutes, which caused me to freak out because my layover in Chicago was only 40 minutes. The flight attendant told me I “just had to hussle”. Also, adding to my frustration, the plane out of Rochester was super tiny so all of our bags were put under the plane. Thinking ahead – I put my bag at the very end of the line of bags so that it would be the first bag available when we got them back.

We land at O’HARE and our gate is currently being taken up by another airplane so we’re just sitting on the tarmac for an additional 5-8 minutes. The flight attendant comes over the speaker and says for people who don’t have an immediate plane to catch to please stay seated, so the people who need to move can get out quickly. It was a nice thought, but does that actually happen – no. The girl next to me was also heading to SF and she had been smart/sneaky enough to ask the flight attendant to hold her bag at the front of the plane instead of letting them put it under. As soon as people could get out, she grabbed her bag and ran. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I ran onto the gate ramp and stood, shaking, twirling my hair like a mad person, at the door where they bring up the container with the bags. The flight attendant woman came over, unlocked the door, and said “if you see your bag – grab it!”. No… no… no… YES! Forth shelf, a little over my head, I apologized to the old woman who I almost smacked with my bag – got to go!

At first I started running holding my bag in my arms, but it was too heavy. I quickly dropped it, pulled the handle up, and then I was flying. I felt really bad because there was an older woman trying to catch the same flight, but couldn’t run as fast as me. Running, I screamed at her that I would let them know she was coming. I took off, down one concourse and up the other. The first thing to go out was my lungs, I had that bloody iron taste in my mouth – thank you airplane ventilation. I knew I couldn’t stop no matter what. There it was – Gate H17. There were two women there, one was getting ready to close the doors. I ran right up to the ticket reader and the lady announced into the phone “1 more”. I thanked her profusely. As I entered the gate ramp and called out behind me, “there is another woman running behind me!”. The less-nice women, closed the door behind me and said “she can catch the next flight. Grab whatever seat is available in coach and put your bag where ever it will fit”. So I did, and was so happy I arrived in San Francisco on time, starving and broken (having only eaten two cheesy empanadas in the morning). In & Out tasted like the food of the gods.

I had a blast in Rochester and was so happy I got to see all my friends. If you’d like to see all 125 photos I took while I was there, check out my flickr set.
Until next time,