The Bergmann Bunch; Part 1

This past week my parents came to visit! It was really great to spend time with them and show them around the city now that I actually know a thing or two about it (the first time was tourism central). It was especially nice for me because they’re some of the few people that I can just be myself around – and I’ve come to realize that’s very important to me at this stage in my life. [Food for thought.] Anyway! We did lots of exciting things, some of them I’ve done with you guys and others were new. With that said, let the photo sharing commence!

Day 1: Landing Day
My parents arrived around 2:30 and we went to the liquid nitrogen ice cream place that just opened near work. I introduced them to the infamous San Francisco ‘salted caramel’ flavor, which quickly became my mom’s favorite thing to eat. Yum! Then I brought them back to the apartment… This was the first time they saw our new place, my first real home, so it was really exciting for me. Look mom! I have furniture that matches! Then we went up to Twin Peaks (Laura, Sabrina, and Reid will find this familiar…) – my mom said I was trying to kill her by making her walk up there.

It was rather windy that day...

Day 2: Golden Gate Park & Sutro Baths
My parents saw this flickr set of a walk Chris and I had done a little while back and wanted to take it on themselves. Needless to say, halfway through the park my mom was begging for a seat and my dad was taking off his shoes.

Notice the shoes are off.

Here's mum taking a picture of a buffalo peeing - classy.

It was super windy at Ocean Beach. We had sand stuck everywhere!

Finally we made it to Sutro Baths!

My dad had originally made fun of me for the dinner plan that night, but after trying the food he was a changed man.

Off the Grid! Food trucks!

After some serious noming, we head over to Cal Academy Nightlife: The Beatles meet The Beetles! Science and a Beatles cover band – was this night made for my dad or what?!

In the rain forest dome watching butterflies!

The Beatles cover band: The Sun Kings

Day 3: Muir Woods & Bolinas
I hadn’t been to Muir Woods since I took Caitlin way back the February before last, so it was about time we made the trip back up there. Especially because last time we went I was incredibly sick (sorry Caitlin!). We did the Fern Creek trail this time and my mom conquered her fear of heights. :D She even walked across a tree bridge over water!

Hugging giant trees is fun!

For the first time, she felt small. Just kidding - she's always small.

Beam me up, Scotty!

After Muir Woods we head out to Bolinas, one of my favorite little towns / beaches out here. When we arrived I was sad because each time I go there the water is further and further away. This whole inlet that’s usually covered by water is now all sand and most of the people of Bolinas’ boats are beached. We spent some time watching the clams shoot water – which is surprisingly entertaining – and then walked along the beach for a bit.

My mom chasing waves... and my dad chasing her.

On our way back we drove past a harbor seal resting and pupping site!

Baby seals! Adorable!

Mum ended up barking at them.

That was all for Day 3! The Bergmann Bunch adventures to be continued… in blog post part 2.