The Bergmann Bunch; Part 2

Day 4: Napa
Even though my parents arn’t big wine drinkers, we traveled up to Napa for the wineries, views, and warm weather. We ended up visiting the wineries I always visit: Castello di Amorosa, Peju, and Robert Mondavi. We spent most of our time at Castello di Amorosa where we did a self-guided tour of the castle and a chocolate tasting. We actually found wine my mom likes! Success!


The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding had just happened, so they were pretty pumped to be sitting in the king and queen chairs.

Touring the castle.

Peju! Total bummer though, they no longer carry the garlic mustard. :(

Mondavi - lol.

After a classy day, we had the classiest of dinners.

Day 5: Dad’s 60th Birthday
Happy Birthday Dad! I’ll start this part of the story with a small back story. When my mom told me the dates she planned to come out she failed to mention it was my dad’s birthday… once I figured that out (don’t worry it wasn’t too long after), I began my guesses at how old he was. I don’t really know how I came to the conclusion that it had to be his 60th birthday, but I did and then I knew I had to do something big.

On his birthday morning, he had no idea what was planned for him – only that we were going to Sausalito. As we were driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, I threw my scarf back at my mom (who also had no idea) and exclaimed “Blindfold him!”.


A few minutes before we pulled into the parking lot, I put on The Beatles ‘Happy Birthday’ – classic Bergmann. We parked, mom was already freaking out, he pulled off the blindfold, and BAM!

SEAPLANE! Photographed by Chris.

Totally pumped to be co-piolet! Photographed by Chris.

The view.

Chris rocking the headset.

Rocking the headset.

Team Seaplane!

After the awesome seaplane adventure, we walked around Sausalito & Tiburon.

Chillin in Sausalito

A cute little spanish restaurant in Tiburon.

And that night we made my dad an ice cream birthday cake…

Dad's 60th Birthday Cake: Mint & Carmel Ice Cream

Happy Birthday Dad!

Day 6
I went back to work and they traveled without me. You can check out their adventures on my mom’s flickr.

The End! If you’d like to see all of my pictures you can check them out on my flickr set! :)