Bay 2 Breakers

Today was Bay 2 Breakers 100th year! I have fond memories of B2B even though I’ve never run or walked in it. The day I came to visit San Francisco for the first time (and interview at Odopod) Bay to Breakers had just happened and I was eating with Penelope in Lower Haight. There were dudes running around with glitter penises strapped on, people wasted in pac-man outfits… I knew I would someday call this place home. Fast forward a year and Bay 2 Breakers was the day Chris and I moved into our apartment together (it will be 1 year tomorrow)! We drove the Uhaul up and down the street through the drunk masses, who always asked if we could give them a ride.

“The 100-year old Zazzle Bay to Breakers 12k is one of the world’s largest and oldest footraces, held annually in San Francisco, California. The name reflects the traditional course which takes tens of thousands of participants from the northeast end of the downtown area near the Embarcadero (the “bay” side of the city) to the west end of the city and the “breakers” of Ocean Beach. The 7.46 mile (12 kilometer) race features world-class athletes in addition to costumed runners and ‘fun-loving’ folks out for a great day of running and walking through San Francisco.”

This year the forecast had called for thunderstorms and all around poor weather. Feeling lazy, Chris and I didn’t plan to wake up early for the race and slept in. Fortunately, to our surprise, beautiful weather broke through the stormy skies and we ventured out into Golden Gate Park to watch the drunken folk. It was – amazing.

Drunken Masses

In the chaos!

Here are some of my favorite costumes:

Boo-Bees, lol.

Jack and Dead Mau5

I am on a drug, It's called Charlie Sheen.

High-Five the Bacon

Sesame Street

Keeping Peace

The Aftermath

Chris took all of these photos, if you’d like to see more you should check out his flickr!