Chopped! Dinner Party

Loosely based off the show, this dinner party consisted of 4 rounds. An appetizer, first course, main course, and dessert. The catch? We all had to incorporate the same 4 ingredients into our meals. Each “team” picked an ingredient and the courses were drawn at random. The four ingredients we had to work with were: cayenne pepper (Linzi & Chris), bacon (Tori & Jeremy), lemon (Kara & Eric), and soda (Jasmine & Michael).

The Contestants (sans Chris who was taking the photo)

Tori and Jeremy were suppose to start off the meal with the appetizer, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it. Chris and I had been randomly assigned first course, so we ended up starting off the night with our homemade ravioli!

Cayenne Pepper Ravioli filled with bacon, ricotta cheese, and green onion, topped with lemon garlic vinaigrette on a bed of cilantro.

Next, Eric and Kara prepared the main course. They were the only contestants to use all four ingredients! (Chris and I couldn’t get the soda to work in our vinaigrette and Michael and Jasmine couldn’t work the lemon into their dessert.)

Cayenne pepper breaded chicken filet, topped with bacon, rosemary and nuts in a lemon sauce. A side of green beans with a coke balsamic reduction.

To end our delicious meal, Michael and Jasmine created an amazing dessert.

Maple bacon bundt cake with a cayenne dark chocolate drizzle on root beer float foam.

There was a surprise guest judge – Ichigo!

He knew all the answers during Cranium.

There were no losers in this version of Chopped… only fat & happy winners. Overall it was a really great way to test out our knowledge of flavor profiles and force us to create something we’ve never had before. We’re all deliciously full of new-found food knowledge!


Bon appetit!

P.S. Chris took all of these photos which is why he, unfortunately, is not in any of them. :( If you want to check out all of his photos, click here!