This past weekend was my third and longest trip to Boulder! Chris and I visited mostly with Laura, Sean, and Findlay – but we also got to hang out with Sam, Dave, and Sam’s girlfriend Amelia! :) Per usual, we had a really great time. Delicious food, beautiful views, adorable dog, and wonderful friends… who could ask for more?

A beautiful view from the dog park.

We knew it was going to be a great trip when we were greeted by this guy in the airport.


Our first great meal of the long weekend was at D Bar. Chris and I watch Food Network on Sundays and there’s a show called Food Network Challenge that is usually about cakes. This guy, Keegan, is always a judge and he owns D Bar Desserts in Denver, CO. Once I figured where his restaurant was, it was only a matter of time before we ended up there. Chris and I planned for the worst – that we wouldn’t see him at all – but just after we ordered who should walk in the front door but the big man himself. Chris pointed and I did my little freak out famous person dance. I was so happy that we just got to see him! THEN, he must have heard me freaking out or something because out he comes with our appetizers and tells us how we should eat them for the best results. I was speechless. Things calmed down after that, but all the food was amazing – especially the desserts.

Donuts - two ways.

We got to meet Findlay! Man, that dog is adorable. He also really loves the dog park because he gets to play with his favorite toy: the ball.


She’ll fill you in on this later, but…

Laura making the Limoncello Tartufo in the apron I made for her!

One of the most exciting and exhausting part of our trip was hiking the Royal Arch Trail up The Flatirons. It was 3.2 miles (+1,417′ total roundtrip elevation gain). My legs still have a burn when I go from sitting to standing or vice versa. However, the views at the top were totally worth it.



Lots of hiking and picture taking.

1,417 ft up

Laura climbing!

We made it! The Royal Arch

Chris made it too! :D

Poor Chris got to the top and was overcome by heat exhaustion. The shirt came off and water splashed all over the head and he was good as new. The whole way back down Chris and I had jelly legs.

You could see for miles.

After a long day’s hike, we had Boulder Baked deliver us some half-baked cookies to Laura’s apartment.


Our last day there we checked out the Bolder Boulder fair. It was probably the healthiest fair I’ve ever been to. Most of the tents were for hiking granola bars and at least 8 were for different kinds of milks. In the kids section there was this hilarious Renaissance tent. Good times. After that we wandered around downtown Boulder for a bit.

This moose has socks.

There were a bunch of superheroes. You could get your picture taken with them if you accepted Jesus as your lord and savior.

Overall it was a super awesome time and thank you again Laura for letting us take over your apartment for 4 days. Thank you Laura and Sean for driving us around everywhere. Thanks Sam and Amelia for hanging out! Findlay! You’re an amazing dog, I’d love to see you meet your cousin Reptar. It was great seeing all of you!

Thanks for the great trip guys!

If you’d like to see all of the pictures, check out my flickr, Chris’s flickr, and Sean’s flickr.