Hello everyone! I am first to post my craft! Hoorah!

I received my craft and was fortunate enough to receive my crafter just a week later! Linzi and Chris came to Boulder to help me make this awesome recipe. Ok, so they came to do other things too, but this was a highlight for sure. Linzi crafted a recipe called Limoncello Tartufo, which is essentially lemon custard stuffed inside an ice cream ball, which is essentially delicious. You roll the assembled ice cream ball around in crushed nilla wafers, creating a sort of tasty spherical ice cream pie. Neat!

I decided that it also needed to be rolled around in toasted coconut, which made it sort of taste like a pina colada. This variation is called the Limoncello Tarfuto, since apparently I have a really hard time saying “Tartufo.”

Cracked open like an egg!

Tartufo, two ways

Pretty apron

In addition to the awesome recipe, Linzi made me this super sweet apron, in appropriately lemony colors! I wore it during the crafting of my recipe. Thank you so much, Linzi, so happy we could share this dessert together!