Colorado CSA

Summer has begun and the first week of June marks the start of our CSA program! Our interest in CSA (community shared agriculture) began during our trip to Tahoe when our healthy-eating and paleo-eating friends spoke of this wondrous program, where local farmers grow your produce and deliver it directly to you. This sounded amazing and too good to be true, so Sean and I decided we had to try it out. Boulder has several local farms that have CSA programs, and after researching we settled on one that was closest to my house, just 5 minutes down the road. As the season goes on, I hope to share with you what we get in our farm share each week and some of the stuff we make.

63rd Street Farms

The way a CSA works is you pay up front for a share in the farmers crops for one season, taking on a portion of the risks and rewards of farming while directly supporting the family running the farm. For twenty weeks this summer, we’ll pick up our bag of produce from the farm. We have an idea of what crops they’ll be growing throughout the season, but no idea what’s coming in the next bag. Everything’s in season, and everything’s as fresh as possible. 63rd Street Farms makes a little event of pick-up nights, serving up some homemade pizza, some local musicians, and a chance to tour the farm.

This is five minutes from my house! Woah!

Sean is excited to tour the farm and visit with the chickens.

Chickens! Mini goat!

Our farm sent out a newsletter a few days before the program started, saying to not be discouraged if you found your share wasn’t as much as you expected, since they are just beginning their season and early summer produce will mostly consist of leafy greens. This sort of set our expectations low, maybe that’s why we were shocked to receive this bounty in our HALF share:

holy cannoli!

We receieved:

Arugula, spinach, braising greens, mint, sage, cilantro, and arugula blossoms in our first share.
What do to with all this salad fodder??! MAKE AN EPIC SALAD!

Findlay wants to eat some salad, too! Or maybe just the treats on the table...

We were given a couple recipes in our bag to use our ingredients, does anyone have any good recipes that use this week’s veggies??