Dim Sum

The past Saturday was the first time I’ve ever had dim sum in a dim sum restaurant! I was ready for an crazy experience, but fortunately the ladies weren’t pushy and my crazy experience was with how great the food was.

Team Dim Sum

Chris and Bert have been going to Koi Palace since when they both worked at Method years ago. Bert and Iris are moving to Chile soon, so out of tradition and the beginning of goodbyes the Flickr gang went to enjoy some dim sum. The place was huge. Giant interconnected rooms with no walls and back to back tables with lazy susans. Between the tables were the infamous women pushing carts of delicious and not so delicious foods. They weren’t too pushy, but we definitely got offered chicken feet multiple times and had to turn it down. I was pleasantly surprised in how great all of the food tasted – even the seafood.

My favorite sample: the soup dumpling!

As requested, me eating dim sum.

My second favorite sample: baked bbq pork bun.

Our lazy susan of deliciousness.

We had dim sum. It was dumplings. Seafood and Pork.

  • Christopher Berry