In Loving Memory of Silverbell’s Driving Miss Mazey

Our dearly beloved Mazey passed away on night of June 2, 2011. Today would have been her eleventh birthday. She was truly the best sister I ever could have asked for and most definitely my mom’s favorite daughter.

You will be missed.

Mazey was known to love shooty ball, hide and seek, and sliced cheese – that my mom bought especially for her and nobody else could eat. She even loved Squeeky Reptar… we’re not sure about the actual Reptar, but we can imagine the love there. Everybody, and I mean everybody, in the small town of Topsfield knew her and she was reigning queen over the all dogs.

The day Mazey picked us.

I still remember the day we picked up Mazey. She was the daughter of Silverbell and Tucker. Tucker was my best friend Heather’s dog back in Springfield, MA. Mazey picked us and Riley picked Heather. Riley, to this day, looks like he could have be Mazey’s twin. As customary in dog naming, the mother dog’s name comes before the name we give them and because my parents like to name their children with references Mazey’s full name is a mouthful and based on a movie.

My dad's rendition of Mazey's name.

Zak and Mazey were best friends. Instead of waking my brother up like my mother asked, Mazey would just crawl in bed with him. When we were little my brother and I had the wonderful habit of decorating people and animals we loved in random things around the house. I really wish I had a certain picture of Grandmom Clark to show, but this picture is equally hilarious.

Mazey wearing all of her toys,

Mazey stood by me through all of my awkward phases. She’s been around for a good half of my life and it definitely wasn’t the cute years. Regardless of my hair was pink, my raver pants were so big I needed 6″ heels to not collect dirt, or my face was painted like a vampire – she was always there for me.

8th Grade Prom

Mazey loved playing shooty ball and ‘hide and seek’ with my dad. On Sundays they’d walk down to Gill’s and pick up the newspaper. I’d always wake up to jazz and Mazey asleep at my Dad’s feet while he read the paper. But truthfully, Mazey has always been my mom’s baby. After Zak and I left home, Mazey was the last kid in the house. My mom and Mazey did everything together. They’re favorite thing to do on Thursdays would be to collect all the other neighborhood dogs (Riley, Boedy, and the gang) and go on a walk in the woods with Deb, my mom and Mazey’s best friend, and Cooper, Mazey’s boyfriend.

Best Friends

Riley knew the walk was coming when the phone rang. Boedy would come barreling across the backyards like a 60mph flying mop. They all had their designated seats in the car; Queen Mazey on the seat. To Mazey’s displeasure the rest of the dogs are kind of rowdy, but Mazey loved Cooper. Two mellow puppies that love the snow and horse poop.

Mazey and Cooper

Mazey was a beautiful dog and we all loved her very much.

Mazey in the fall with her favorite shooty ball.

Goodbye Mazey. I hope heaven is full of sliced cheese and shooty balls. I’m sure Doogan will take really good care of you up there.


Mazey's Last Footprint