Apple Spice Truffles – Poison Kit

Since Sir Chris Tsotakos has been failing to post his pictures of the craft I made him, I decided to take the honor myself. :)

“My craft swap receiver this time was my friend Chris – whom upon my assumption, loves chocolate. So I decided to make him a kit to create POISONED Apple Spice Truffels inspired by my all time favorite childhood story, Snow White!

Apple Spice Truffel Poison Kit is a 1930s chocolate molding kit inherited from family generation. This handy small suitcase includes a ‘used’ recipe book, the chocolate form, a skull decoration, and two bottles of ‘poison’ needed in the recipe. The wooden suitcase has a child’s face carved on the outside, and their skull form ironically burned on the inside. This motif is carried out in the the recipe book as well.”

The kit!

Things inside the kit

The engraving inside the box

The recipe book

The poison bottles with poison inside

Chris made the chocolates!!

Me making the clay molds

For more photos, check out my flickr page:

and Chris’s photos: