Anon Delivers! Post as is, s’il vous plaît

The following message is from Chris Tsotakos! – Linzi

I want to preface this with Ayaka is some sort of craft wizard-queen. I say this only because I fear I my words may not do her talent and cleverness justice. With that said, let us begin, as this deserves, with is a “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time in The Roc during an extreme heat there arrived a package at the door of Dos Tacos. He knew from the markings that it could only come from The Teddy Bear Queen Ayaka.

Inside this bundle he found a wooden box (sic: a box in a box? INCEPTION errr.. RECURSION) with a cherubesque likeness carved into the wood and wrapped in an orange paper with “APPLE SPICE TRUFFLES poison recipe” printed elegantly across it’s face. “Poison recipe? Onoz. Challenge accepted!” his internet damaged brain mustered.

He examined the beautiful handiwork before curiosity overtook him and opened it.

Inside Deux Tacos’s eyes met with a child’s skull etched in the interior by Craft Wizard Queen Ito. The smarter or more cowardly would have closed that Pandora’s Box and said “screw this, I saw Jumanji. I don’t wanna get capped by Van Pelt”. Ni Tacos was born with neither smarts nor fear of children’s skulls so her got right to it.

Swaddled in cloth like a Little Jewish Savior were the ingredients of his fate. Enclosed he found two bottles of poison, a silicon mold, a tiny human skull (One of the Wizard Queens enemies’?), and a book of instructions obviously written by a girl possessed by forces so dark I cannot mention them for fear of damning my soul.

And so as Zwei Tacos read this unholy tome his instructions became clear: he was to make a confection! How twisted! Something so innocent turned so wrong. Could he make this Devil’s Delight… this Candy of Charon… this Sweet of Sin? (Foreshadow: He totes can)

After Two Tacos read this blasphemous book he got he narrow, but not too narrow, ass in gear as if the fires of hell were burning he aforementioned ass.

Preparing his poison:

Poison and apple juice, how Sleeping Beauty:

Chopped and labeled chocolates, his OCD is not good at hiding itself:

He renders the apple juice and poison down to a concentrate:

Taco Taco stirs the apple-chocolate mixture until smooth and shiny:

Like Dante, he goes from fire to ice freezing the dark demon chocolate:

The result is laughing at Death. How macabre.

And so he ate the poison apple… and was denied death but was given a treat worthy of a condemned man’s last request.


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I learned a lot about the craft process and would like to thank Ayaka for doing such an amazing job.

And the money shot: