Mr. La Sej

Inspired by Food Network Challenge and our very own Caitlin Yarsky (Happy Birthday!), last weekend I tried my luck at making a multi-tiered cake with fondant. Team Blue, my team at Odopod, was getting our first non-founding member and this was something that yearned to be celebrated! Our team’s mascot is Alternate Universe Zoidberg, renamed Mr. La Sej (an acronym for all of our team member’s first names). Long story short, I made a blue squid head cake.

Mr. La Sej

I started by making 4, out of the box – nothing fancy here people, cakes. Chocolate and vanilla because everybody likes one of them.


Stacked with chocolate icing layers.

Carve out general shape for Zoidberg head and cover with frosting.

Next step: Fondant! I used a marshmallow fondant recipe I found online. They promised it would be easier than traditional fondant and taste less dense. You can follow the recipe here.

Rolling out the blue fondant when it finally wasn't too sticky.

I had to double the recipe to make enough fondant to cover my head-size cake and I had a really hard time making it less sticky. I ended up adding too much sugar and it got a little stiff, so it wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t very easy to mold.

With Chris's help, we moved the fondant from the counter over cake Zoidberg's head and then cut the excess off.

I used a chopstick to mold the fondant where I wanted creases.

I attached the eyes by adding a light brush of water to the back of the white fondant before placing it on the head.

Finishing touch: pupils!

Ta da!

I’ve already decided I’m going to try making another fondant cake in the future. Next time I won’t double the fondant recipe and hopefully that will cut down on the stickiness. Fortunately the fondant tasted great. I hope you like my cake and you’re inspired to give fondant a try. Enjoy!

Thank you Chris for documenting and helping me knead fondant!