The Best Carnitas Ever

The following message is from Christopher Berry! – Linzi

The Best Carnitas Ever by Tori Main

“Carnitas translates to “little meats” and this is the best little meats recipe you’ll come by. Traditionally, carnitas are cooked in a pan for a long period of time, the carnitas cook down, eventually frying in it’s own fat (that’s why it’s so tasty). Our recipe is different, ours is oven cooked, which means there’s less manual labor and, follow our instructions, it’s easier to clean up after. Our other secret is our spices! Feel free to come up with your own!”

The Adorable Piggie Stamp and Directions

Details of the Stamp

Carnitas Cooking

Carnitas after being Pulled

I, unfortunately, had to make a few adjustments to the recipe due to lack of materials. The recipe calls for a specific spice blend, which I couldn’t find, so I substituted chipotle chile powder, which worked well, but not ideal; and I ran out of aluminum foil, so I couldn’t cover the pork shoulder while it was cooking. I ended up with a bit dryer carnitas, but the flavors from the spices and the beer were spectacular. So I may have to make a blog update once I find the right spice blend and some foil.

All in all an excellent craft I was very proud to receive. I love the stamp design, it is super adorable; and it came with a bonus recipe for pickled red onions! Delicious!

Thanks Tori!