Ice Cream Jars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following message is from Jamie Kosoy! – Linzi

For my craft Laura sent me handed painted mason jars for making ice cream, along with a super delicious lemon basil ice cream recipe. Here is a photo of the jars:

Ice Cream Jar

The recipe is really straightforward – a little lemon juice and zest combined with simple sugar until it dissolves into a syrup, then steep fresh basil in the mixture, combine with some milk and cream and shake til you have ice cream.

Little did Laura know, but two things happened in my life recently:

1. I have been trying to eat better and ice cream is a major pain point for me – I have a sweet tooth.
2. I just got an ice cream ball.
(Yes, I am fully aware that #2 directly conflicts with #1)

I hope she doesn’t mind but I went ahead and modified the recipe to accommodate – I made lemon basil frozen greek yogurt and used the ice cream ball for the making, with the jars used for presentation and preservation.

I am happy. It is a delicious and wonderful treat.

Thanks Laura!