You stay classy, San Diego.

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina. This past weekend Chris celebrated his 29th birthday Ron Burgundy style – booze cruising, partaking in delicious food, and straight up relaxing.

Happy Birthday Chris!

We arrived early Friday morning to discover that our ‘hotel’ was actually a resort and spa! It felt like we were on a tropical vacation. They had a waterfall in the lobby, lush gardens, a huge koi pond, tiki torches, tribal looking posts that told you where to go, fireworks, the beach on one side, the bay on the other – and best of all – they had parrots!

The view from our room.

Even though my ankle felt like an over-stuffed sausage, we wanted to explore! So we made our way down to the beach. I love the San Diego beach culture. It’s so fun!

Cute food stands.

The view from Crystal Pier.

Yum. Shaved Ice.

We went to World Famous for Chris’s birthday dinner. It was delicious. While we were there, one of the San Diego boardwalk ‘characters’ decided the spot right next to our table would be a great place to set up camp. It truly was dinner and a show.

Chris's private dancer. Yes, he is wearing a neck brace.

The next day we went to the San Diego zoo! It is HUGE. They have so many animals and are doing so many things to help them and their environments – it was really inspirational. My ankle was feeling much better so Chris and I were able to make it through almost all of the park by foot. At the end of the day, when the children were leaving and/or eating dinner, we took the skyrail across the park and the guided bus tour. My two favorite animals were:

Polar Bears

and Capybaras!

I also took some pictures for you guys! Llamas and ring-tailed lemurs for my mom, otters for Laura and Matt, a dingo that looks like Ichigo for Jasmine and Michael, me in front of the elephant bush for Jayeon, Laura’s global warming graph, the bear from Sean’s book, a lazy panda for Tim, and adorable ducklings.

That morning and night we got around to some of our friend and family San Diego recommendations. Rick recommended The Mission for breakfast where I had the best french toast I’ve ever had. That night we went to Hodad’s, my mom’s dinner recommendation, where we had the best burgers we’ve ever had. (It’s safe to say San Diego has amazing food.) After dinner we drove over to Hotel del Coronado, recommended by my dad, to watch the sunset.

So pretty!

At 11:00 PM that night, we used our free tickets to the booze cruise – courtesy of our hotel. The booze cruise was a high-class Lousiana-style ferry, but the people aboard were anything but. Good thing they were hella entertaining. There were old people licking each other, bros getting in fights with the higher-class private ferry, and on-board entertainment that only played 80s.

Booze cruise!

We ended our night by closing down the resort bar getting what every vacation needs - a pina colada.

Our last day, slightly hungover from the night before, we enjoyed our last moments of resort time by the pool then stuffed our faces full of ‘real’ California burrito (another place recommended by Rick).  Then we headed over to, what I thought was – but apparently isn’t, Old Town. It did, however, have a really pretty museum.

The Junípero Serra Museum

Then we spent some time sun bathing on Harbor Island. Which was beautiful!

Right before our flight out, we went to Yogurtland in Little Italy. I loved their retro branding.

The whole trip was great and Chris is super stoked to be 29! I really want to visit again sometime soon… I hope you guys are having great summer-time fun as well! Per usual you can see all of my photos on Flickr (and Chris’s too!).