The Land of Lakes: Magical Minnesota

Hey everyone! Over 4th of July weekend and week I had the opportunity to travel back to the midwest and visit and meet Sean’s family and friends in Minneapolis. I was really looking forward to this trip because it was sure to be filled with relaxation, the comforts of family, and good food. I’d never been to Minneapolis, and Sean has always told me what a cool place it is. Turns out, he was very right!

The Minneapolis Greenway is a bike and pedestrian road that runs through the entire city.

Minneapolis is called the Mill City, and the historical reason for that is evident everywhere. There are old mills lining the banks of the Mississippi, which runs through the city. The thing I loved most about this city, and I loved this city alot, was that these old mills were no longer in use, but that didn’t mean they were abandoned. The giant factories have been converted into museums and art spaces, as well as lofts and restaurants. In fact, the city’s farmers market is held in one of these mills.

Destroyed factory turned museum and market

the Mill City Farmers Market

We had a really great time exploring the city and enjoying the beautiful weather. But I think my favorite part of our vacation was being in a real house for a change, with a REAL lawn! (OK, I have serious nostalgia for my suburban homeland of grassy backyards and sprinklers) We made the most of our getaway in suburbia, washing cars in the driveway, sitting in lawn chairs sipping Minnesota brews, having an awesome 4th of July cookout with Sean’s sister and her neighbors, and soaking up the sunlight by day and the firelight by night.

Sean washing the car and Findlay and I enjoying the lawn.

Minneapolis also doesn’t come up short on the food front. We had some crazy good meals, and were decidedly fooded out by the end of our trip. My favorite meal was our dessert at Chino Latino, where we had their version of smores.

Our flaming DIY smores dessert at Chino Latino

And yes, I did get to go to the Mall of America. And I am not ashamed to admit that the child in me loved it. Heck, I have owned American Girl dolls since I was a little girl and this was the first time I’d gotten to go to the American Girl Store. So, yeah. Plus they have a log flume, in the mall. Excitement :)

The wall of legos at Lego Land

All in all, it was a fantastic vacation. So fantastic that twice we opted to stay another day, and ended up driving home on Sunday.

Ole Mississipp'

Thanks Minnesota, and Whipps family! We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back. Findlay wants to go back too. Woof!


Road warriors