Craft Swap IV: Worth a Thousand Words

Photograph Triptych by J Neuberger.

Since the big craft swaps tend to take a lot of time, I’m here to introduce a smaller craft swap. (I’m hoping that we can alternate between small and big swaps so we can fit more of them into a year.) This swap is fairly simple and easy to do – take 3 pictures!

XC Craft Swap IV

Theme: Photography
Rules: If you sign up – you’ll be assigned three people. You will take 3 photos and send them separately to those 3 people (1 photo per person). You can take the photos using whatever photographic process you’d like, send them in whatever medium you like (printed, digital – so on), at whatever size you want. The world is your photographic oyster. After you send out your 3 images, you will receive 3 images from 3 different people and with then you’ll create your own triptych. You can arrange them however you like, in whatever medium you like, and then post that final product on this wonderful blog.

If you’re interested please write your name below before July 31st. The swap begins on August 1st, when you’ll be given your swap recipients. Photos are due to your recipients by August 31st and your triptych should be posted on the blog by September 30th.

Happy Crafting!