Inspiring Person of the Moment: Randall Church

Randy holding one of his designs.

I’d like to introduce a new topic on this blog where we celebrate the accomplishments of our friends. I try my best to follow up with people, but sometimes it takes some serious twitter stalking to put together all the day to day accomplishments and realize the larger one. Without further ado, I’d like to share with you our first Inspiring Person of the Moment: Randall Church.

Randy lives in Rochester, NY with his two adorable dogs and currently is a staff designer at RIT. He’s one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and has always been supportive of me and all of his friends. He’s the first person to get excited about what you’re doing and the most humble when it comes to talking about himself. With that said, in the past couple months Randy has done some really impressive things that I’d like to recognize. Randy has started running and walking daily. Recently he’s been walking/jogging up to 9 miles! Even more awesome, all of this walking and running has attributed to losing 55 lbs! To which I say – that’s amazing and congratulations!

Also noteworthy, Randy came out on twitter last month and I couldn’t be more happy for him. :D Even though it seems like an easy thing to do, it takes a lot of courage to actually do it – so for that I commend him. He designed a typographic poster recently that spoke from the heart.

It Gets Better by Randall Church

This is one example of Randy’s work – that has just been getting better and better. Please check it out!

Thanks Randy for doing what you do and being an inspiration to us all!