Hello Declan!

A weekend ago Chris and I visited Arizona to meet the newest member to the Berry family – Declan!

Declan Kole Berry - 1 month old

The house that Chris, Douglas, and now Declan will grow up in.

We spent some good family time making pizzas and ice cream, taking photos, hanging out, and making funny faces at Declan – who returned the favor.

Declan and da mommy - Austin.

Declan and the daddy - Douglas.

Declan and Grandmom Linda.

As a ‘Welcome to the world!’ gift, I made Declan a polar bear wrap to match his arctic themed room.

Imagine the squid is a baby...

Chris and I stayed with Stook and Fallon (and their kitties Lenore and Bromley). We spent some quality time in their pool, since it was 115 degrees out. Thank you so much for letting us crash at your place!

Cannon ball!

We also tried to go on a photo adventure in the desert, but that lasted all of 10 minutes before we headed back to the car. Here is one of the few pictures I got:

South Mountain

It was a great trip and Declan is super adorable. Can’t wait to visit again soon! Per usual, you can see all of my photos here, Chris’s photos here, and all of the polar bear wrap photos here.