Goodbye, Boulder! Hello, Portland!

On Thursday, September 8th, I packed the remaining nooks and crannies of my car with the last of my possessions, and the dog, and Sean and I hit the road for Portland, Oregon. Our move had been a long time coming. I had approached my time in Boulder with the idea that 2 years would be sufficient time to decide if I wanted to stay or seek other opportunities. July 20th marked my two year anniversary at CP+B and I knew that it was time to go. But where to go! Boulder had been a pretty cool place to live. Easy, beautiful, clean. It was a small city, but fun. I love Boulder and hope to visit there again soon. But the city was beckoning. I have never lived in a city before.

Today, I’m writing from our new apartment in Portland. It’s a gray day, but the sun was out this morning and it felt good to stretch my legs while walking to get a coffee. I left my job at CP+B just 9 days ago. Strangely, it feels kind of natural to be out on my own and out of an office space. I’ve always been sort of independent like that, and working in a quiet space helps me gather my thoughts. I’m a freelancer, and my new job requires lots of luck, lots of hard work, and lots of good friends. I know I’ve got two of those things, and they’re probably bringing me most of the good luck that I’ve had so far! It’s definitely been encouraging knowing how my friends are there to cheer me on.

My new office. Finally, a desk with a view!

We’re still unpacking, reorganizing, and getting settled in. But things are going pretty well. Our apartment is warm and cozy. People are friendly and we’ve already met a few new friends, dogs and peoples :)

I’ll be reporting more on our Portland adventures as they come.