Tina’s Photo Project

The following message is from Tina! I just copied and pasted it here from her blog, so feel free to check out the original. – Linzi

I recently participated in a craft swap where (bear with the complicated description):

  1. I took 3 photos and assembled a triptych with those photos
  2. I received photos from 3 different people and could do “something” with those photos to make them more mine

So first, here is my triptych of Golly, my service puppy in training. I call it SML, the darn puppy just keeps getting bigger.


And here is the originals I got and what I transformed them into.

Original from Sue

Sue's Trees

– – – • – – –


Sabrina's Watery Scene

– – – • – – –

Ayaka's Textures from Japan

Ayaka's Wood Textures