Good Golly!

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Chris and I worked together to create our final project, Good Golly! Chris received photos from Tina, Linzi, and Laura – shown below on the right. I received photos from Tina, Ayaka, and Sue – shown below on the left.

All the photos we received. Left: Linzi, Right: Chris.

The idea came about one morning, where all good ideas come from, in the shower. I thought about how I could possibly integrate all 3 photos together. Two of them were easy: texture photographs, but then there was the the oddball – adorable baby Golly taken with Instagram. At first I had the design solution: just use Golly as a mask and use the textures to fill the mask. Ding bang boom, done… right? Wrong. Boring. Then my mind wandered to Golly flying around through space with a jetpack on. I mentioned this to Chris and he, understandably, brought up cupcakes and taught me about the Konami code. Without futher ado, let me introduce to you Good Golly! – our three day brain child and pet project. We hope it’s as fun for you to play as it was for us to make.

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The Film Period is a term used to define to the works produced by photographer Christopher Berry between 2010 and 2011, when he shot all of his photos on tangible film with little to no aid of a digital camera. For this photo craft project, Berry shot a triptych aptly named Caffenol that consists of 3 photos he took using a 35mm camera and developed himself using caffenol – coffee and vitamin c.

Chris's Triptych: Caffenol

You can see his images large separately here: Salami, Camera Inspector Reptar, and Sailboats.

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My photographic triptych is titled Oh! The Places You’ll Go!. I’ve been traveling a lot recently (8 long-distance trips this year so far!) and I’ve fallen in love with landscapes. Living on the east coast most of my life, the landscapes I encountered never varied that much – but now that I’m exploring the country I’ve realized the landscapes depicted in Settlers of Catan are – in fact – real.

Linzi's Triptych: Oh! The Places You'll Go!