Inspiring Person of the Moment: Laura Frastaci

The Inspiring Person of the Moment is our very own Laura Frastaci!

Laura! Photo by Sean.

Laura lives in Portland, OR and is freelancing. As easy as that sentence is to type, there is a lot of gravity behind those words. I’d like to commend Laura for being the first of the 99homebrewers to take that courageous step into full-time freelance. Some of us, myself included, are afraid of the instability and don’t really know if they’d be able to pull off working from home alone (too many distractions). Laura, however, is pulling it off with grace. There’s a calmness to her that I don’t think I’ll ever possess. An ability to cast her design fishing lines out into the great ocean of Portland and, like any great fisherman, ever so patiently wait for that big project fish.

Abstract by Laura

Until a little over a month ago, Laura lived in Boulder, CO and worked at CP&B. We all know that picking up your life is hard enough and to go without an anchored job is even more daunting (to me), but she did it and she’s rocking it. Laura now lives with her boyfriend Sean and her dog Findlay in a sick apartment with a great office set-up. She seems to be living it up, exploring everything Portland has to offer and we can’t wait to hear more of her adventures.

Abstract by Laura

If you’re looking for an amazing motion graphics artist / animator / illustrator – look no further. Here is her website. Hire her now.