Guinness Book of World Records: Largest Corn Maze

Cool Pumpkin Patch's Corn Maze

Last Saturday the gang and I went to Cool Pumpkin Patch‘s corn maze in Dixon, CA. I rented my first ever Zipcar, Madlung, and drove for the first time in almost a year. I may have scared the crap out of Chris at the gas station, but once I got out of Inner Sunset it wasn’t so bad.

My first zipcar! Madlung

The Cool Pumpkin Patch farm was huge! There’s the 45 acre corn maze, 2,000 pumpkin pumpkin patch (with a huge variety in types of pumpkins), and a kid zone. Amelia has a blast in the corn bath. She was pretty upset when she had to leave, but got pretty stoked about the corn maze. This is the view from the bridge you walk across to enter:

45 acres

There are three bridge stations in the maze: Ducati, Starbucks, and Ford. Chris and Jeremy led the charge, Tori verified their decisions with the map, and Amelia and I hung out in the back. We jumped over the irrigation furrows and she called us ‘the following girls’, lol.

The Gang

Amelia at the Ducati bridge.

Me at the Starbucks bridge. It was 90°!

It only took us an hour to make it through the corn maze. (For most people reviewing it on the site and our group of friends that entered it usually takes two.) I’ll say it’s because we had such great navigators, but it might also be because the maze had faced some wind damage and we walked on paths that probably shouldn’t have existed. After the maze we went pumpkin picking! You could go into the huge patch and pick your own or you could go through the collection of pre-picked beautiful pumpkins. Needless to say, we picked from the good looking ones because the ones in the patch were prickly. Fun fact: Cool Patch Pumpkins grew a 800lb pumpkin this year – puts that Topsfield pumpkin to shame.

Some good looking pumpkins.

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