Dia de los Muertos 2011

Feliz Dia de los Muetros! Chris and I went to the mission to celebrate this vibrant, energetic holiday once again. We managed to totally miss the parade… not sure how that happened. This year’s alter collection in the park was even smaller than the past two… it was missing a lot of the regulars – such as the giant skeleton puppet, burning man cars, giant flaming thing, and the shadow puppet theater. The first year they completely covered Garfield Square, last year they covered half, and this year it only covered 1/3 of it. Boo! I hope this disheartening trend of getting smaller stops next year. Enough of that, let’s celebrate what we did see! Here are my favorite alters:

Steve Jobs Alter

Skateboard Alter

Biohazard Alter

Electric Metal Alter

Super Elaborate Alter

Pet Alter - where I remembered Mazey. :3

I hope you all had a festive day of the dead! If you’d like to see all my alter pictures, check out my flickr!