A San Francisco Friendsgiving III

This year’s traditional Friendsgiving, held at Kara & Eric’s, had 17 friends and 4 very familiar travelers from afar! This year Laura, Sean, Ayaka, and Ben came from Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY respectively to partake. Chris and I prepared green bean casserole, strawberry pretzel jello, cornbread muffins, and cranberry sauce again. Laura prepared sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie from scratch! Everyone’s food was amazing.

Most of the San Francisco Thanksgiving Crew

Laura, Sean, Chris, and I prepared our dishes the night before.

We drove a honkin’ minivan to Kara and Eric’s this year so that we could pick up Ayaka and Ben on the way and drive home after Black Friday. Unfortunately their flight was delayed and we couldn’t pick them up, fortunately they made it to Friendsgiving before the meal had started. Hooray!

Eric's good looking bird!

Another beautiful table setting by Kara.

There were so many people this year that one picture wouldn’t do it justice, so I took pictures of all the tables separately.

Table 1: Eric, Ayaka, Ben, Alex, Kara, and Val

Table 2: Chris, Laura, Sean, Jeremy, Lisa, and Allison

Table 3: Jeremy, Kyle, Tori, and Amelia

Chris and I! Photo by Allison.

My delicious Thanksgiving meal.

This year’s Black Friday was pretty tame compared to the year’s past. One of the outdoor strip malls opened at midnight, so the ladies headed out early. The line around Target was absolutely insane when we got there. It wrapped around the building in zig-zags. We passed on that mess and headed over to the line-less Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up some Bed Buddies and Yankee Candles- lol. After a few other line-heavy shops, we ended up back at Target before the boys picked Laura, Ayaka, and myself up to head back home. Tori and Kara continued on their quest to become Black Friday warriors.

If you’d like to see all of my Thanksgiving photos, click here. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!