Laura, Sean, Ayaka, Ben, and Tim Visit!

As mentioned in my previous Friendsgiving post, Laura, Sean, Ayaka, Ben, and Tim flew to SF to spend the weekend with us. Besides Thanksgiving, I had a lot of Christmas activities planned and Laura had a few specific requests that we managed to accomplish most of.

Ben, Ayaka, Laura, and Sean at Smitten Ice Cream


Laura and Sean arrived the day before Thanksgiving, Ayaka and Ben arrived on Thanksgiving, and Tim arrived the Friday after Thanksgiving – so we’ll start there. Friday afternoon we traveled east to Hayes Valley where Laura picked up her usual stash of macaroons. After that, we tried to go to Taste (my favorite tea spot) but it was closed for the weekend. Bummer! Instead, we spent some quality time at Smitten (pictured above) and Suppenkuche Biergarten (pictured below).

Photo by Laura.

Then it was time for the Christmas spirit to kick in! For the first time since I moved to SF, we attended the Macy’s Union Square Christmas Tree Lighting. Unfortunately because it was our first time, we parked ourselves on the wrong side of the tree and missed all the caroling and ice skating action… oh well, live & learn.

Ayaka and Ben loved the lit up palm trees.

Yay! The tree is lit!

When we finally escaped the crowds from the lighting, we went up the hill to The Tonga Room!

Laura looking lovely and me being a creeper. Photo by Sean.

The next day we did the usual tour of Golden Gate Park and Sutro Baths, but this time discovered Sutro Heights Park which happens to have some of the most amazing views of San Francisco yet. If you’re wondering where this amazing park is, it’s directly next to The Cliff House – just up the giant cliff.

The view from Sutro Heights Park.

Sean found a swing. Photo by Laura.

That night we met a bunch of SF peeps at Lazslo in The Mission and had a few drinks. We ended up at Dr.Teeth and The Electric Mayhem – where we tried their amazing tater tot bar and played some shuffleboard. The last day everyone was here we started making our apartment feel like Christmas. In the morning, before everyone else was ready, Chris and I head out to Cole Hardware to pick up our Christmas Tree.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

After setting it up, we went to breakfast at Zazie and went down to the financial district where Tim caught the bus back to his dad’s.

Breakfast at Zazie.

We went through the Ferry Building before dropping Tim off at his bus.

Back home – we had a little early Christmas of our own. We decorated the tree, watched Die Hard, exchanged gifts, made Reptar and Ichigo wear a ridiculous Santa outfit, and Laura and Jasmine made Snickerdoodle cookies. Cute!

Our Christmas tree! Full of my ornaments since birth and topped with the angel I used to have on top of my American Girl Doll Christmas tree.

My dad will be happy to know that we even bought bubble lights.

That night Ayaka and Ben left, leaving only Laura and Sean at the house. I took Monday off of work and we tried to accomplish everything Laura had left on her list of things to do – including Curry Up Now. (Curry Up Now is an Indian food truck serving amazing tikka masala burritos.)

Laura and Sean enjoying their burritos in the Transamerica Redwood Park.

The whole weekend was a great time and fun was had by all. Laura never made it to Smuggler’s Cove or Taste, but maybe that’s a good thing because now she has a reason to come back. ;) Chris and I hope to see Ben and Ayaka soon in NYC and I will see Tim in two weeks when I head home for Christmas! If you’d like to check out all of our photos, follow the linked names: My Flickr, Chris’s Flickr, Laura’s Flickr, and Sean’s Flickr.

Happy Holidays!