A post at 37520 feet going 474 mph.

Hello earthbound friends! For it is I, the Christmas eve traveler – 37520 feet above ground. We’re currently flying over Utah, with a good 2157 miles left in the trip. Specifically we’re flying over the Rocky Mountains and of course experiencing some great turbulence. Google Chrome paired up with Virgin America and gave me an amazing Christmas present – a free rental chromebook with free wifi for the plane ride! Which means… I can write a blog post to you from above the earth!

Above the earth is pretty cramped right now, but not too bad. I have excellent flying companions (minus the crying baby in the back), already had my traditional Mr. & Mrs. T bloody mary, and am currently figuring out which movie I want to watch. I would watch Transformers, but I promised Chris I’d wait on that one. Maybe Bad Teacher?

I’m also patiently waiting for Reptar to get in frame. I have three and a half hours, Reptar, I will see you at least once… unless you’re sleeping – then you win. Check him out here. When he’s not there the feed is pretty boring.

Ok! Time to order a snack and watch a movie! I’m hoping for snow in Topsfield. I hope you’re all having a great time with your families today! :)
Merry Christmas Eve!