Water World

A bunch of people who I knew were my co-workers (not my actual co-workers) and I were hanging out at the beach. It was a beautiful day and the beach was crystal clear. I, being my daring self, was one of the first people to run into the water. It was the perfect temperature and as I was about to yell back at them that they should join me when I noticed two huge stingrays in the distance, riding along inside an incoming wave. One black, one grey; they had to be between 8-10 feet in diameter. Panicked, I turned towards land and realized there was already a giant grey one in-between me and the shore. A wave was coming and my land mates screamed at me to move to the side so as not to ram into the spiky spined creature. I swam and ran as hard as I could against the water. As the wave pushed me to shore I barely missed the behemoth.

We knew with string rays and sharks of this size in the water that we had to shut down the trains, so we ran back to the station. The left side of the train station, our workplace, was an three story outdoor building consisting of 6 platforms for long distance travel (BART-ish). The right side of the building looked exactly the same, except it only had three platforms that faced the left side for short distance travel (MUNI-ish). The buildings were held above the beach by their barnacle covered stilts. During high tide, the water would fill in below so it was crucial to us to arrive and leave work during low tide if we didn’t ride the trains in and out. The buildings were made out of old sea wood with holes in the floor where the planks didn’t exactly match up. There were big red pieces of fabric that hung in front of each platform to keep the sun from cooking us. When a train arrived we’d pull the red fabric back to let people on. The trains looked like normal trains – their closest visual companion would be the San Francisco BART. They had a few turbines attached to their undercarriage that got powered up at each station by the giant rain gutters that ran under the tracks that pulled water from the sea. Giant stingrays and sharks in the large rain gutters would potentially throw the train off the tracks into the sea.

We got back to the station, ran around like mad tying up ropes and making calls to the station before ours to stop the trains. Everyone went silent as the first giant string ray sloshed down the rain gutter, it’s wings about a foot over the edge flooding the half platform with water. A few string rays and sharks passed and then a smaller creature went by that doesn’t exist in the non-dream world. It was black, similar in shape to a string ray in the front, but it’s wings extended pretty far back into almost an eel-like tail. We played cards at a picnic table as we waiting for this giant creature onslaught to end. After awhile it seemed to be over and one of my coworkers called the station before us to resume the trains. Bored with the card game, I looked at the floor. Through the floorboards, and visible just under the red fabric, was a large scaly body thrashing in the water. A dragon. I was not the only one who had seen it. It followed the water’s path around the first floor of our building and in frozen shock we watched as the dragon barreled rolled in the water way between our two buildings. We hoped that this majestic beast would remain caught in the water’s pull throughout the next two floors until it was finally dumped back into the sea (the gutter’s water ran upwards). Just then, a train arrived on the first floor and we selfishly piled on.

The train started and we were out of there. Feeling a little guilty, I pulled out my phone to check the security camera. Everything looked ok, until I saw a huge dark form enter the first floor gutter. Panicked, I showed my friend (Fatima Siad from American’s Next Top Model). Suddenly out of the black mass a form appeared – it was a gigantic version of the black stingray eel was had seen before, surrounded by millions of super tiny dark creatures. We screamed at the driver to bring the train back. If this massive creature ran into the dragon, it could help the dragon free of the water’s pull and everyone would be in danger. As we returned to the station, we watched in horror as the dragon regained footing and started spewing fire. Fatima and I ran off the train, cut the rope holding the train at the station, and put on steel armor. Fatima ran upstairs to help the people in our building as I ran down the ladder to the sea floor. The tide was coming in and the water was swelling around my chest. I got the right side building and ran up the stairs. The dragon was in full view on this side. It’s claws were tearing apart the third floor of my building as it whipped it’s head around setting fire to the second and third floor red fabric on both buildings. You could see all of my building’s workers, running and screaming for their life down to the second and first floors. The right side building seemed calm about the whole situation. All the workers stood nonchalantly, packed on the first floor of their building partaking in sarcastic commentary. I pushed through the crowd and found Chris. He was talking to a co-worker about how red fabric was a really poor choice on our employers part. I grabbed him by the arm, told him I loved him, and with a kiss I was off.

Dreamed on December 27, 2011