2011 Vacations in Review

Chris and I traveled a lot this year. Most of the time it was to visit friends! The following places are everywhere we’ve been in the past year, in the order we were there:

Naples, ME

Chris and I spent New Years in Maine with the Topsfield gang at Sabrina’s family cabin. We played a lot of boardgames, went on long snowy walks, and drank by the fire. Good times.

Topsfield, MA

We went back to Topsfield for a few days to hang out with the family and then head back to San Francisco. You can see the pictures from Maine and Topsfield here.

Chandler, AZ

In February Chris and I went to Chandler, AZ. This was my first time in Arizona! We stayed with Stook and Fallon and I got to meet all of Chris’s dad’s side of the family. See the pictures , read the blog post.

Tahoe, CA

Later in February we went to Tahoe, CA for Emily’s 30th birthday. Laura and Sean came! We played a lot of games, drank a lot of beer, and went snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Watch the video, look at the pictures, read the blog post.

Rochester, NY

In April I went to Industry Day at RIT in Rochester, NY. I got to see Randy, Caitlin, Bryan, and many others. Caitlin introduced me to raspberry coffee and I got to see all of her crazy gigantic paintings. I also got to meet Randy’s dogs! :3 See the pictures, read the blog post.

Boulder, CO

In May we went to Boulder to visit Laura, Sean, Sam, and Dave! Highlights of the trip included: having our appetizer served to us by Keegan at D Bar, meeting Findlay :3, and hiking up the Flat Irons to the Royal Arch. See the pictures, read the blog post.

Tahoe, CA

For the 4th of July we went to Tahoe! Highlights of the trip included: a long walk to the Donner party museum, buying double floaty tube with a beer cooler in the center, watching fireworks, and getting 13 stitches. See the pictures, read the blog post.

San Diego, CA

The weekend after we went to Tahoe we flew down to San Diego for Chris’s birthday! Highlights of the trip included: our amazing hotel, Chris’s private dancer, the San Diego zoo, Hodad’s burgers (still the best burger I’ve had), and Rick’s real california burrito. See the pictures, read the blog post.

Chandler, AZ

In August we returned to Arizona to meet Chris’s new nephew – Declan! We spent a lot of time with the family and it was extremely hot out. See the pictures, read the blog post.

Maui, HI

In September Chris and I flew to Hawai’i! We stayed in Kihei, Maui for the duration of our vacation. Highlights of the trip included: hiking on Haleakala, snorkeling around Lanai, driving the road to hana, riding on the Piiholo Ranch Zipline, and eating a ton of rootbeer and watermelon shaved ice with vanilla gelato. See the pictures, read the blog post.

Topsfield, MA

In December I flew alone back to Topsfield, MA for Christmas with the family. Highlights of the trip include: meeting Kobi, going to the Sunset Grill & Tap Room, and spending time with my family and friends.

– – –– – –

11 vacations, 19 planes, 13 PTO days. We also had some great visitors to SF this year! In the order they visited: Matt in March, my parents in the end of April beginning of May, Stook & Fallon in July, Maria & Julien in September, and Laura & Sean & Ayaka & Ben & Tim visited end of November. It was great to see you all and I can’t wait for new travels in 2012.