Grand View Park

The seemingly small hill with trees on it.

More often than not, Chris and I hike to a high point in San Francisco, take in the beautiful landscape, and I exclaim “What is that? We need to go there!” Such was the case in our discovery of Twin Peaks from the Sutro Tower Scavenger Hunt, Buena Vista Park from Twin Peaks, and Corona Heights from Buena Vista Park. A year and a half ago Chris and I were taking in the view from our new apartment’s roof and spotted a seemingly small hill sparsely covered with trees that we had never been to before.

Fast-forward to today, 01.02.2012, when Chris and I decided to make a hike to Grand View Park our first adventure of the new year. Turns out it’s a lot closer to our house than we expected – only a mile and a half away! Although… it involved more stairs than walking.

193 stairs, to be exact.

The view from halfway up the stairs.

After making it up the insane amount of stairs, we walked around 15th Ave to the base of Grand View Park.

Grand View Park

Funnily enough, the only way to get to the top of Grand View Park was…

...more stairs!

Chris was thrilled. But man, was it worth it! The view from the top is stunning! Unlike Twin Peaks, you can get a 360 degree view of the city and the entire span on Golden Gate Park.

Downtown San Francisco and the beginning of Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and the middle of Golden Gate Park.

Pacific Ocean, Outer Sunset, and the end of Golden Gate Park.

We saw parts of the Sunset and Outer Sunset I had never seen before.

Sunset and Outer Sunset

Chris: Conqueror of the Hill

Chris and I, upon conquering the hill, found a bench overlooking the Outer Sunset and enjoyed our lunch. It was peaceful, beautiful, and quiet. Another reason Grand View Park is more appealing than Twin Peaks is because tour busses, and therefore tourists, are not allowed. Everybody up there is local and just looking for a few peaceful moments to get away from it all.


P.S. See all of my Grand View Park photos on flickr.