San Francisco Zoo

This past Saturday Chris, Amelia and I went to the San Francisco Zoo! Chris and I had been meaning to go for awhile now – similar to our ambition to visit Grand View Park. The weather was perfect and we got to rid the 18 and the L – two busses we have never been on before. Tori dropped Amelia off at our place around 10 and we were ready to go!

A day with Amelia at the San Francisco Zoo.

Let me start by saying that I was really nervous after hearing Yelp reviews from Michael, who was read them by Jasmine, that the park was going to suck. I was expecting to see sad animals in cages way to small for them and I’d leave a bigger animal rights activist then I was when I arrived… however, I’m delighted to announce that the zoo is much better than my miserable vision of it!

When we arrived there was a moderately expansive African Region with Zebra, Ostrich, Kudu, and, most importantly, Giraffes right next to the entrance. We quickly discovered that Giraffes are Amelia’s favorite animal (at least for the day).

The next day Amelia said to Tori: "Chris is tall, he's like a giraffe!"

Around the corner from the African Region was the Gorilla Preserve where there was a baby gorilla! So adorable! Amelia immediately fell in love with it and we became ‘The Gorilla Family’ for the rest of the day.

The real gorilla family.

After eating lunch, we headed over to the Cat Kingdom area. Which funnily enough, is not mostly cats. There was, of course, lions, fishing cats, and tigers, but there was also an asian rhino, black rhino, giant eland, hippo, and, my favorite, penguin island.

Penguin Island

When Amelia started to get tired, she began to be more interested in riding the sculptures than she did in seeing the actual animals. One of the most adorable moments of the day was when she got on top of the hippo sculpture and started singing.

"Oh I want a hippopotamus for christmas!"

When walking between main areas they had a bunch of posters that you could pretend you were an animal. Amelia’s favorite animal to be was, surprisingly, a spider.

Spider Amelia

We piggybacked over to Bear Country to check out the Grizzly Bear Sculpture – I mean, the Grizzly Gulch. This cutey was conveniently sitting right next to the viewing window.

Grizzly Bear; not the band.

We ended the day at the petting zoo. The goats were the same height as Amelia and had horns, so I didn’t blame her for being shy to pet them. After walking around and thoroughly checking out every goat’s temperament, Amelia finally decided to gently pet this little guy.


All in all we had a great time. Amelia totally pooped us out. As soon as we got home Chris took a nap. The zoo was much better than what I was expecting, but it’s no where near San Diego Zoo level. The only three places I got upset about the lack of space the animals had was in the lion house, the polar bears, and the poor llama in the petting zoo. I think for both the animals in the lion house and the polar bears that their cages attached to another part that I couldn’t see, but at the time (and maybe the fact that they were sleeping) their conditions were kind of upsetting. If you live in SF you should definitely check it out. SF residents only pay $12 (instead of $15) and if you ride MUNI to get there you get $1 off your admission.


Check out my Flickr set to see all of my San Francisco Zoo pictures.