Craft Swap VI: Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Come one, come all – it’s a new year and time for another craft swap! I’m sure everyone is working hard at their resolutions, so this craft swap will be a simple but goodie. Inspired by the 2000 classic movie, Pay It Forward, for this craft swap we will be doing and documenting a good deed.

XC Craft Swap VI

Theme: Pay It Forward
Rules: At some point in February through the end of March, you will do a good, selfless deed for someone. You can make them something, do something with them, or do something for them. It can be someone you know or someone you haven’t met yet. All that’s required is that the person you choose is NOT involved with this craft swap, documentation of the deed, and -for a twist- this act of kindness should come as a surprise to the recipient. Even though a story is all that’s required, it would be even better if you shared pictures as well.

If you’re interested please write your name below before January 31st. The swap begins on February 1st. Please send me or post your own stories and pictures before March 31st.

Happy Crafting!