Crossword Comics

Michael's desk | comic whiteboard | Linzi's desk

When Team Blue moved downstairs last year, Michael and I were once again seated facing each other. (This is the third desk arrangement that we’ve been facing each other, second on Team Blue.) This time, however, there is a giant wooden pole in-between our desks. During the move I found a small whiteboard I had previously abandoned in my drawer of crap and Michael discovered a binder clip and a perfectly placed nail in the wooden pole. We began with a two month long game of Pig Pen, also known as Dots & Lines, that came to a thrilling conclusion of me kicking Michael’s ass. After that crushing defeat, Michael came up with a game called ‘Crossword Comics’ in which 3×3 comic lines are drawn and we alternate drawing in them. The stories need to make sense in threes: when read left to right, and down.

Here are the comics we’ve drawn since it’s creation. As you can see, we’ve gotten better at making a little more sense over time.

Comic #01: Michael Blue, Linzi Red

Comic #02: Michael Red, Linzi Blue

Comic #03: Michael Red, Linzi Blue

Comic #04: Michael Green, Linzi Blue

Comic #05: Michael Red, Linzi Blue

Comic #06: Michael Red, Linzi Blue

You can read them however you’d like. :) Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks Michael for diligently documenting all of our comics before they were erased. All of the comic photos above are his.