Inspiring Person of the Moment: Christopher Berry

The Inspiring Person of the Moment is Christopher Berry!

Christopher Berry

Chris lives in San Francisco, CA and is an Frontend Engineer at Flickr. Although Chris’s job is developing the internets, he’s always exploring new creative outlets. Chris’s ability to excel in and outside of his work and impart his knowledge onto others is extremely inspirational to me.

When Chris and I traveled to Boston for a vacation back in 2010 my mom gave him a package of polaroids that she had gotten for free on Freecycle. Chris didn’t even have a polaroid camera at the time, but that random gift sparked Chris’s creativity and he’s been photography crazy ever since. He left Odopod to work at Flickr, he’s acquired well over 15 cameras (digital and film), he develops his negatives using the caffenol method, and he’s become so good and inspiring at it that he taught a caffenol class at Flickr.

'Seal Rocks' by Christopher Berry

'Looking out from The Cliff House' by Christopher Berry

'Just Over The Bushes' by Christopher Berry

To see all of Chris’s caffenol photos, check out his fantastic flickr set.

Beyond photography, Chris has also picked up cooking. When I first met him he only had 1 container of milk in his fridge and only ate take-out, now he’s an amazing chef! He makes his own pasta, sauces, and knows how to properly cook every cut of meat. Last year he began making all different kinds of sourdough bread that look store bought!

'Breadtar' by Christopher Berry (name coined by Sean Whipps)

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about Christopher Berry is that I never know what he’ll do next… and it’s always amazing.