PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

I watched this yesterday and I thought I’d share. This is a fantastic documentary about the technology of today and what it means for artists. They focus on music, movies, books, and slightly on design. I really enjoyed the documentary because in addition to talking about what’s happening and how it came to be, it shows many sides to an argument. On one side, now that anyone can do anything and people will see it – you can get what you want to say out there. On the other side – what does that mean for this age of art? Will people who are great still rise to the top or will we be flooded with mediocrity?

My favorite, most thought-provoking person, is the writer. He talks about how the book he gave away for free on the internet ended up making more money than the previous book he sold through a publisher. I highly recommend watching it. You can watch the entire documentary here, it’s an hour and 20 minutes long.