Golden Gate Heights

A view on the way over to Golden Gate Heights.

This weekend’s adventure was to Golden Gate Heights Park! It’s a small park with spectacular views just south of Grand View Park. We didn’t have much time to adventure this weekend due to a long to-do list and work, so this trip was short and sweet.

We walked down Judah from our apartment to the pink church, took the 193 stairs up to the base of Grand View Park, and continued walking south from there.

The sun beginning to set through the houses and trees near Grand View Park.

It wasn’t long before we came across Rocky Outcrop Park – a narrow, giant boulder-filled park that follows 14th Ave after Ortega St.

It looked just as cool as Google Maps made me hope it would be!

At a certain point after the Rocky Outcrop Park 14th Ave splits into an upper and lower level. Of course wanting to check out the view, we opted the upper level. The first picture of these post is from the upper level of 14th Ave, but that great view of Inner Sunset and Golden Gate Park wasn’t even the best part. For the first time, we could see the Farallon Islands!

The Farallon Islands are 27 miles off the coast.

Not far from our Farallon Island sighting, we came to the back entrance of Golden Gate Heights Park (marked by a rainbow house).

Chris atop the entrance boulder.

We hung out on the western side to watch the sunset.

A beautiful sunset over The Sunset.

We couldn’t stay too long though – Golden Gate Heights happens to be the one place in San Francisco that has mosquitos. On our walk home we caught an interesting glimpse of Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks from the side.

Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks

Golden Gate Heights is an adorable park. The best views are on the west side. The paved loop, in the middle of the park, has a few benches to relax on. The east side has a playground and dog park that exits onto the street, which is nice when the sun is down and hiking becomes difficult.

Definitely check it out for yourself, but if you don’t live in SF you can imagine yourself there while looking at my photos on Flickr.