Northstar at Tahoe

A sad amount of snow.

There’s hardly any snow in Tahoe. As you can see in the featured picture, the snow is barely 4 inches deep when usually it’s a 4 foot wall. It is, however, cold. Cold enough that the ski resorts can make their own snow… therefore off we went. 6 am this past Saturday Chris and I packed our bags and headed east.

I’ve never stayed at a ski village before. Not being a skier or snowboarder myself, nor from a skiing/snowboarding family (-brother), I’ve had no reason to. Chris, however, is a snowboarder and really likes the mountains, so we rented a condo for the weekend in Aspen Grove – one of the small clusters of condos inside Northstar.

Our weekend abode was the first floor deck on the left.

The condo was super cute! Similar to the condo we stayed in in Maui, it’s completely furnished by the owners. I particularly liked that the whole thing was heated by the fire place. I love being warm and cozy, sleeping by a fire. Our condo’s deck was adorned with christmas lights, but it was too cold to hang out on it. Perhaps the best thing about our condo was that it was located so close to the village.

The center of the Northstar village.

The village had a surprising amount of stuff you could do as a non-skiowboarder. You could shop, drink, get a massage, go to a movie, ride gondolas, go ice skating, and hot tub in the rec center. I spent most of first day exploring the village and knitting in our condo. I met up with Chris for a drink at The Chocolate Bar and dinner at Fifty Fifty Brewery.

Snowboarder Chris

When he was done snowboarding for the day we took the gondola up to the Ritz-Carleton. I’ve never been on a gondola before so this was very new and exciting for me! :D The view from the Ritz was really pretty.

My very first gondola ride!

On Sunday, after snowboarding, Chris and I went ice skating! One of the many things that was great about staying at Northstar, rather than somewhere else close by, is that a bunch of things were free (with the purchase of the condo for a night). Chris got free lift tickets for Saturday and Sunday, free access to the rec center, and we got free ice skating rentals!

Ice Skater Linzi

Overall Northstar was great and I’d recommend going there for a relaxing weekend. I prefer staying in a huge house with a bunch of friends like we have in the past, but for a quick weekend trip for just the two of us it was perfect.

On our way home we stopped by this cute diner we had spotted the night before called Jax at the Tracks. Little did we know that it had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives logo of approval!

Of course we had to eat the dishes that had been shown on the show, so Chris got the Crabcake Sandwich and I got the Pulled Pork and Cheddar. Both were fantastic.

If you want to check out all of my photos from this trip to Tahoe, check out my Flickr!