Kite Hill

Kite Hill

After our short trip to Mt. Olympus, we continued on our Sunday journey to Kite Hill. Kite Hill is a small park northeast of Twin Peaks and southwest of Corona Heights. The walk from Mt. Olympus to Kite Hill is a rather pretty one. There are beautiful houses, community gardens, overgrown stairways, and wreckage.

Chris and I happened across an aerial view of Kite Hill when we snuck onto an apartment complex’s outdoor walkway that lead to their roof.

Aerial view of Kite Hill.

The main entrance to Kite Hill is from Yukon St. You round the corner of Short St as it turns into Yukon and you see this majestic green hill.

Kite Hill, with Corona Heights to the upper left.

From the top of Kite Hill there are beautiful views of the city.

To the west, you see Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower.

To the north is a wall of ticky-tacky houses. My favorite view.

To the east, there's a great view of downtown SF and way in the distance is Oakland.

Since we entered from Yukon St and we wanted to exit from a different side, we followed a trail down the steep west side of the hill. (This is when I realized I should probably invest in some hiking boots… my boat shoes slipped the whole way down.)

Chris coming down the steep side of the hill, taken from the hidden walkway.

It didn’t look like there was any way to get out, but once we got close enough we saw this overgrown walkway.

Hidden walkway, leaving Kill Hill.

In case you’re entering Kite Hill from 19th, the entrance looks like this from the street.

I wouldn't have known to walk up there...

I’ve noticed through our San Francisco parks journey that, more often than not, the entrances into these public parks are hidden. They’re usually a stairway next to a house or a hole on the left side of the fence. Now every time I go past stairs or fences I can’t see where the lead to I always wonder – is that a park I have yet to discover?

Kite Hill is a beautiful park perfect for dogs, a coffee break, and/or picnics. If you’d like to see even more photos of Kite Hill, check out my flickr. If Kite Hill isn’t your thing, check out my collection of San Francisco parks to find one better suited for you.