Hawk Hill

is extremely windy.

After our unexpected visit to the community gardens, Chris and I continued onward to the first of our main adventure attractions: Hawk Hill. There are two Hawk Hills in the San Francisco area. The first, and more famous, is in the Marin Headlands and the second, the one we went to, is one block directly south of Golden Gate Heights. If I were to make one adjustment to the name to differentiate the two, I’d call this one Hawk Cliff.

Hawk Hill Cliff had the most hidden entrance of any of the San Francisco parks yet. We walked down Santa Rita Ave until we came around the bend to a dead end where an entire family was staring at us. (Turns out they live in the last house on the street and were waiting for their son to come pick them up… but it was still pretty weird.) We walked past them and climbed through a hole in the fence to discover this:

My boat shoes' worst nightmare.

It began with a steep dirt path surrounded by grass that transformed into a sand path surrounded by succulents. For being so high up, it reminded me of walking on the path right outside Ocean Beach.

Check out this crazy plant.

At one point it got so steep, I was nervous that I would just tumble down the side. Chris, being the trooper that he is, convinced me to keep going because he knew the view from the top would be beautiful. Of course, it was.

I think we discovered one of the best views of the city so far! Click to see full size.

Mt. Davidson - our final destination of the day.

West Portal and beyond, by Chris.

Around this bend it got super windy... as you can see from the intro picture above.

There were some succulents on the west side of the cliff that seemed to enjoy the harsh conditions.


Pulverized by the wind, breath taken by the view, we decided to clamer back down the cliff towards Edgehill Mountain, our second destination.

Unfortunately Edgehill Mountain was kind of lame. The park is a small open space reserve across the side of Edgehill Mountain between two housing complexes. A few benches and a bunch of trees, but overall nothing to write home about. There is, however, this really cool bear at the entrance.

Bear! By Chris.

Throughout our travels Hawk Hill Cliff and Grand View Park are definitely my two favorite unconventional views of the city. Grand View Park is more for the leisurely traveler, while Hawk Hill Cliff is more for the adventurous type – with grippy shoes and a wind breaker. I also wouldn’t recommend Hawk Hill Cliff for those with a fear of heights…

Check out all of my Hawk Hill & Edgehill Mountain photos on flickr! Also check out my collection of all of the San Francisco parks we’ve been to.