The Springwater Corridor

I took advantage of having half a day off and a somewhat sunny afternoon to bike along Portland’s Springwater Corridor. The Corridor is a paved and maintained multi-use path that winds through 20 miles of metropolitan Portland, connecting the city to neighboring suburbs. It is a portion of the “40 Mile Loop,” an ambitious and partially completed greenway connecting more than thirty city parks.

Biking on a sunny day

We recently moved (more on that later) to Sellwood, a neighborhood that hugs the southwest corner of the path and gives ridiculously easy access to it. As shown here, our house is about a stone’s throw from a part of the trail that is currently being built now!

Map of the western portion of the trail

The trail is very popular and is used for recreation as well as commuting by bike. It is a scenic route, winding through agricultural lands, wetlands,¬†residential and industrial neighborhoods, and along the Willamette River, Portland’s main waterway.

View of the Willamette River

The northern end of the trail connects to the Eastbank Esplanade, which takes you along the shore of downtown Portland. We haven’t made it up there yet, but hoping to soon once the weather warms up! We’ll definitely be making frequent trips downtown using the path.

Eastbank Esplanade