Portland SketchXchange with Jolby

SketchXchange: An Evening with Jolby

Hello friends! Last Friday Sean and I attended a great event in Portland called sketchXchange. The evening featured a talk by local badass designers and illustrators Jolby and Friends, a peek inside their personal sketchbooks and at some of their latest work, and a chance to chat with other attendees while drawing in sketchbooks and sipping brews. This was the very first event of its kind in Portland, Sean and I were lucky enough to score 2 of 25 free tickets to the intimate event!

Here is a quick summary of the event from the organizers:

A chance to peep into the sketchbooks of some of our favorite local illustrators. Hear what inspires their work and learn about the process they use to create. You’ll bring your own sketchbook and mingle with other participants, have a beverage, and draw in a few sketchbooks. There are no rules, no themes (unless you have one for your book) just pens, pencils, sketchbooks, and friends. This isn’t a slide show event, guest illustrators will be sharing their actual sketchbooks and you’ll have an opportunity to purchase some of their work.

It was great to meet and hear stories from these brilliant but completely down-to-earth illustrators, and interesting to see their sketchbook habits. They made an interesting point when they said they had to force themselves away from the concept of “the sacred sketchbook,” in which the book is so curated you’re afraid to even draw in it lest you ruin its pristine surface. Instead, their books were filled to the brim with messy doodles, hundreds of sketchy iterations of ideas, phone numbers and email addresses, even giant gouges from Exacto knives!

Jolby (Josh and Colby) presenting

Look in the book

Another great thing they mentioned was their process of collaboration and how they’ve learned over the years that in order to be a true team, they had to swallow their pride and not be offended when the other would critique or actually swing his chair over and take control of the mouse.

Be sure to check out the work of Jolby and their awesome shop on Etsy. We are proud owners of a few of their works, one of which Sean won in a give-away during sketchXchange. Score!

And I have some fun and friendly drawings to remember the night by in my own book. :)

My sketchbook

If you’d like to see more photos from SketchXchange, check ’em out here!