Tahoe: Emily’s 31st Birthday

I love celebrating Emily’s birthday in Tahoe every year. It’s becoming a cherished annual celebration, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Time seems to slow down and there’s a never ending supply of delicious food and great friends. This year we returned to my favorite Tahoe home to date.

The Pezzola Cabin

In my opinion, last year’s cabin was too huge. There were so many common rooms and floors that people went missing! The thing that I love about the Pezzola cabin is that there’s only 1 huge common room that everybody hangs out in. You can be on the top floor in the game center, in the kitchen, hanging out on the couch, or sitting in front of the fire and it’s all essentially the same room. Nobody got lost and we all got to spend some good quality time together. Just the way I like it.

– – – Day 1 – – –

On our first full day there, Friday, Chris headed out to the mountain in the morning and I hung out around the cabin. It was nice to just relax and do some knitting.

Quality relaxing hang out time.

Getting antsy, perpetuated by my Fitbit, Allison and I decided to talk a walk down to Tahoe Lake. It was beautiful out. There was little to no snow, absolutely no wind, and warm temperatures. We did our fair share of trespassing, but it was all for the sake of beautiful photographs, like these:

Fancy docks.

Abandoned boat houses.

Crystal clear waters.

After relaxing on some rocks in the sun for awhile, we returned home for a delicious meal fit for a queen – or a birthday girl. ;)

Delicious food made by talented chefs.

– – – Day 2 – – –

Our second day was very similar to our first. We relaxed in the morning, Chris went snowboarding, and then the three of us headed out to Emerald Bay State Park to hike around and see some waterfalls.

Emerald Bay State Park

The view from the top of the waterfall.

Unfortunately the waterfall trail Matt, our Tahoe friend, had recommended was extremely icy, so we decided to go with the shoe-friendly trail down to the lake instead.

Most of the trail looked like this.

We we reached the bottom we ran into a group of rowdy college kids. We tried our best to avoid them, but when they started jumping into the freezing lake completely naked, it was hard to look away.

An extremely cold naked jump into Lake Tahoe captured by Allison.

The view from the beach - Instagramed.

We hung around the beach for awhile and then made our way back up the mountain just steps ahead of the rowdy formerly-naked men. At the top we walked in on an adorable wedding!

The ceremony was quick so we stayed for the whole thing.

With happy tears in our eyes, we headed back to the cabin where we played what we play every year in Tahoe – Dominoes. That night the poor birthday girl sliced open her finger while making chocolate chip cookies.


The night ended with many loudly sung 80s and 90s hits.

– – – Day 3 – – –

Sunday was our last day in the cabin. We left early, around 11, and went to Jaxx on the Tracks for brunch.

Allison and Chris did not approve of my healthy granola breakfast + fries idea.

After Jaxx, we hopped in the car and hit the road. Thank you Emily for planning another great trip and Happy Birthday! Check out all of my pictures from Emily’s Tahoe birthday this year.