Bottom of the Hill

Voted one of the best places to hear live rock in the city by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

This past Tuesday was my second time at Bottom of the Hill and my fourth time seeing Jenny Owen Youngs. Bottom of the Hill is a small, up close and personal music venue / bar / mini-restaurant. It has a similar vibe to Lux Lounge in Rochester.

The entrance. I'm not sure what shape the logo is suppose to be making (besides a J).

My first concert at Bottom of the Hill was The Hood Internet and it has changed a surprising amount since then. The front, stage area, and the outdoor smoking patio are the same but the back room has an open gypsy-esk feel to it now – it used to be kind of cramped and filled with booths. They still have the little fireplace I love.

Back room ceiling.

The opening band was Terese Taylor.

Terese Taylor

Followed by Little Hurricane from San Diego. I knew I would like them the minute the drummer stepped on the stage wearing an adorable dress with a petticoat and snakeskin boots. Even though I fully expected to LOVE the girl, the dude’s voice blew me away. (The closest band comparison, for me, would be The White Stripes.) We liked them so much we bought their CD, but it doesn’t do them justice. It feels watered down compared to listening to them live.

Little Hurricane

The concert ended with the headliner – Jenny Owen Youngs! She’s the only artist that I’ve followed over the course of the years. I first saw her at an internet cafe in Jersey, then at Union Hall in Park Slope, then at The Independent when I first moved to San Francisco, and now at Bottom of the Hill.

Jenny Owen Youngs and band.

Jenny is on tour for her new CD, An Unwavering Band of Light. It’s definitely more rock than her previous CDs that were chock-full of sing-songy folk songs. At first it was off-putting, just because I wasn’t expecting it, but it’s slowly growing on me. I’m currently hooked on ‘Love for Long’ and ‘Sleep Machine’.

You rock Jenny!

If your into small music venue’s, I highly recommend checking out Bottom of the Hill for your next concert. They have their calendar posted here. If your looking for some new music, check out Little Hurricane’s Homewrecker and Jenny Owen Youngs’ An Unwavering Band of Light. To see all of my pictures from the concert, check out my flickr!