Billy Goat Hill Park

Billy Goat Hill Park

On this episode of Get to Know Your San Francisco Parks, I’d like to introduce you to Billy Goat Hill Park! Like most San Francisco Parks it’s easy to get to, is on a hill, and has a beautiful view – but Billy Goat Hill is especially awesome because of it’s name. Who doesn’t like a park named Billy Goat?

To get to Billy Goat Hill Park from our humble abode, you head east of Twin Peaks. You will pass Twin Peaks, Mt. Olympus, and Kite Hill Open Space – all of which should sound familiar because they are parks we’ve visited before! On our 3 mile walk to Billy Goat Hill Park, we met this little guy.


Poor guy’s shell had been crushed by some other careless pedestrian, so we placed him on a safer ground. It was a long climb up, and then a steep walk down, to get the entrance.

The entrance.

Walking down the tiered path. (Bernal Heights in the distance.)

Turns out Billy Goat Hill is a rather small park. It’s on the northeastern side of a larger hill and most of it is steep grass that you can’t really walk on. However, being the steep side of a has it’s benefits – like a beautiful view overlooking the eastern side of the city!

Halfway down there's a small fenced area that you can enjoy the view.

The view! A large panorama I suggest you click to see big.

Looking back the way we came (not on the panorama).

Perhaps the best part of Billy Goat Hill besides it’s name is the foot swing. Chris was hesitant to try it, but once I gave it a go he loosened up and had lots of fun!

Swinging over the city!


As if you couldn’t tell from our faces, this is definitely the best swing we’ve been on in the city. When we’d had our fill we head down the eastern side of the park towards Bernal Heights. Everybody knows the best way to get down this particular hill is… a billy goat!

Billy Goat Hill is a beautiful park perfect for swinging, kite flying, and sightseeing. If you’d like to see even more photos of Billy Goat Hill, check out my flickr set (& Chris’s flickr set). If Billy Goat Hill isn’t your thing, check out my collection of San Francisco parks to find one better suited for you.