Findlay, one year later

One year ago today we brought home Findlay, our furry, pointy-eared “child.” I wrote then about the first few things he was good at and enjoyed doing. I will give you an update of some of the things Findlay likes and knows how to do now.

Findlay still enjoys napping and crawling up on to laps to find the prime snuggle spots on the couch and bed. He could be a competitive snuggler, were snuggling a sport.

Findlay still loves his KONG toy the best, although after our second ruined KONG Original we had to upgrade to the KONG Extreme in order for it to withstand his gnaws. 4 months and still going strong, KONG Extreme.

Findlay did admirably well on his first days at my apartment with the two flights of stairs we had to conquer in order to get to the potty. Today, our house with a second story, basement, and porch steps are a veritable playground for this dog with cat-like agility.

Other accomplishments include winning the “Good Car Rider” Award while moving to Oregon.

And the “Frequent Flyer” Award for taking four flights to spend the holidays in Ohio with Duffy!

Thanks Finny for being a super dog! Here’s to many more years of westie love.


-Laura, Sean & Fin