The Golden Gate Promenade

Golden Gate Promenade

After the super fun GoCar tour we met up with Michael, Kyle, and Ichigo at Jake’s Steaks* for lunch. After destroying our ‘whiz with” cheesesteaks, we headed out on a walking adventure to LucasArts, Palace of Fine Arts, and finally – the Golden Gate Promenade & San Francisco Bay Trail.

The Golden Gate Promenade, part of the regional Bay Trail, runs the length of Crissy Field to Fort Point and up to the Golden Gate Bridge. We started at the East Beach Picnic Area, right next to the Crissy Field Center & Beach Hut Cafe. Outside of the center there were these crazy wind machines generating energy.

Wind Machines

We left the promenade momentarily to walk on the sandy path closer to the beach.

The sandy path down East Beach.

As soon as the path met up with the beach there were too many people to walk through, so we returned to the promenade. There were many runners, walkers, bikers, dogs, and even some little entrepreneurs!

Little entrepreneurs selling sandy lemonade.

Beach dudes.

Burner bubble bike.

Golden Gate Bridge

We passed Crissy Marsh and the House of Air before coming to the West Bluffs Picnic Area. (I didn’t take a picture, but it looks like it has a little hobbit house at the entrance.) All the walkers, bikers and otherwise seemed to be stopping for a break here, so we picked up what they were putting down and popped a squat.

Ichigo ran around in the water!

Chris took in some rays.

After relaxing for a bit, we decided to head out onto the Torpedo Wharf fishing pier. As we were walking out onto the main part we spotted two giant sea lions on either side. One of them was attacking seagulls while the other was just kind of hanging out. My only successful shot was of the ‘hanging out’ one’s head.

Sea lion! (The black dot in the water.)

It was surprisingly cold and windy on the Torpedo Wharf. It felt like the temperature immediately dropped 10 degrees once we left land.

Kyle attempting to stay warm by placing his entire body into his shirt.

The view of the bridge from there was fantastic! (It’s the picture I’m using as the title plate of this post!) The people on the pier were mostly haggard, properly dressed fisherman. They looked at us like we were crazy for going out there with just shorts and t-shirts. As we ran off the pier towards warmth, a fisherman’s son told Kyle not to fear the seagulls. Wise advice.

The end.

What a great way to spend one of San Francisco’s high temperature sunny days! If you’d like to see even more photos of the Golden Gate Promenade & San Francisco Bay Trail, check out my flickr set (& Chris’s flickr set). If Golden Gate Promenade isn’t your thing, check out my collection of San Francisco parks to find one better suited for you.


(*Jake’s Steaks is a traditional “whiz with” Philly cheesesteak place. We’ve had them twice before. Once as take-out at Ivan’s place and the second time with Allison & Ivan after a long walk. They also sell Tastykakes. On their window it says they sell ‘Water Ice’, but unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore. I still love them regardless.)